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home lesson teacher in Enugu

One-to-One Home Lessons

I offer personalized numeracy support to children who need to improve their Math skills for a variety of reasons. 

I draw from a wide pool of materials to ensure that the lessons are varied and engaging.

In any contact with your child, areas where there are questions or confusion are covered first.  Then, time can then be spent reviewing recent topics done in school and also previewing upcoming topics.   In the process of working with a student, identified challenging areas that are not clear or properly understood are reviewed and worked on so as to fill in these gaps.

What's Included


I will carry out an assessment on core math topics to find out where your child’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

Study Plan

I develop a bespoke learning plan based on the results of the assessment. After an individual assessment, a tailored program is mapped for your child in line with their school curriculum or common entrance examination syllabus


Sessions are an hour and they take place in your home. I give homework to ensure your child has understood the lesson. I review their homework and give feedback in the next class.

One-to-one tutoring can be particularly beneficial to learners who find it easier to focus without the distractions of classmates and need a safe space to learn.

Each session cost 2,000 Naira

I do recommend learners commit to a weekly schedule to get noticeable results.  

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Small Group Lessons

This special group is for children who will are in primary 5 & 6 and will be taking the national common entrance examination and private school entrance exams.

There are no more than five children in each class.

Each session lasts 90 minutes and takes place in my home study area.

During the session, we focus on:

  • Math, Quantitative Reasoning, English, Verbal Reasoning and General Paper using a variety of exercises and past questions
  • Exam practice and technique

Classes take place: SATURDAYS 11.00am-12.30pm

Each session cost 1,500 Naira

An assessment is given at the end of each month so that you can monitor your child’s progress.

This service will reopen soon.

Math lesson teacher in Enugu

Online Math Lessons

This service will be made available soon

Have more questions?

Please check the following FAQ or feel free to contact me if you have any question not answered.

Tutoring fees are paid in full before lessons start and payments can be made via bank transfer, online(Paystack) or cash.

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy; if lessons are cancelled without a 24 hour prior notice, the full cost of lesson for that day will be payable.

It depends on the strength of his or her academic background, where are we starting from and how hard  your child is willing to work. 

I always advise that exam preparation should start during the long vacation prior to when a new school session starts and up until the last exam is taken. This is to give the child ample time to adjust and also prepare adequately.

Here are a few but not limited to these:

Nationwide common entrance by Ugo C. Ugo

Common entrance by M.O. Odiaka

Understanding Mathematics

What a past client has to say

Chisomnazu had a good knowledge of the expected scope of work for my ward. She was able to seamlessly continue from where I had left off, made good use of the educational materials we had and achieved set targets.
Norah, Enugu

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